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Two Young Men Killed in Rio de Janeiro in Broad Daylight

Images posted on the Internet show the exact moment when two young men are murdered in one of the accesses to Morro do Cotó, in Nova Iguaçu, Baixada Fluminense, in Rio de Janeiro. According to the information, the area where the crime took place is disputed between militia (a group formed by security forces) and drug dealers. In the video, taken by a resident of the region, it is possible to see that the two young men were shot in cold blood by a white man, in a cap, in a black shirt, who was accompanied by a partner, who was driving a silver Peugeot.


In a note released to the press, the Baixada Fluminense Homicide Police (DHBF) revealed that it is looking for the two men who participated in the execution. Also according to the DHBF, each young man was hit with two pistol shots to the head. So far, the identities of the dead have yet to be revealed. According to the Secretariat of the Military Police, which also commented on the case, agents of the entity “were called to check the occurrence of a homicide in the Cerâmica neighborhood. At the site, they found two bodies with wounds caused by firearms”.

In the video, it is possible to see the two young people, with their backs turned, walking in the middle of the street. One of them is wearing a white shirt, dark shorts and slippers. The other is barefoot, wearing flowered shorts and a shirt slung over his shoulder. Suddenly, a white man, wearing a black cap and a black T-shirt, appears, holding a pistol and ordering the youths to lie down on the ground. “Lie down on the fucking floor,” says the man.

The young people respect the suspect’s order and lie down on the curb. At this point, the killer searches the two and finds nothing. In the meantime, the silver Peugeot approaches and a man in blue jumps out of the vehicle. It is exactly at this moment that the armed man fires four times, twice each, gets into the car and runs away with his partner.

Finally, the DHBF revealed that it is investigating the relationship of this crime with an intense shooting that took place in the region on the same day. The shooting in question happened because of a war between drug dealers and militia, who want control of Morro do Cotó.

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