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Policeman kills alleged drug dealer who allegedly filmed intimate moments with his daughter and posted a video on the Internet

A sex video motivated the murder of a criminal in São Luís, capital of Maranhão. Images of young man having sex with an cop’s daughter began circulating in WhatsApp groups across the state, until the images were discovered by none other than the young woman’s father. Upon discovering that it was the suspect who decided to publish the recording on the internet, the father, indignant and angry, sought him out and executed him with the help of friends. Another video, showing the moment of the suspect’s execution, is also being posted on the internet.


The suspect was wanted by the authorities for committing crimes of rape, drug trafficking and theft. Along with the information about his execution, images of the boy holding a gun appear on social networks.

According to the police, the father who located the criminal would be part of an extermination group in Maranhão, which would be known as the G6. During the execution, the men who shoot the suspect mention the group. Another fact that draws attention is that the father of the drug dealer’s ex-partner shoots the boy several times, showing all the anger he was feeling.

The Civil Police of Maranhão had been looking for the suspect since the 12th, when arrest warrants were issued by the courts. However, the authorities were not succeeding until the moment they found the body in a ditch in the city of Empress. The dealer’s corpse was without the tattoos. Everything points out that the motivation for the crime was the intimate video. However, police in the region still say it is too early to confirm with certainty that the girl’s father is responsible for the execution.

Even with the video in hand and the knowledge that the father is responsible, the case is still handled with great caution. The reason for this is because the victim had many enemies in the criminal world. Because of this, the authorities want to be absolutely sure of the action they will take next.

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