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Kaio Albert

Kaio Albert Soares is murdered in Fortaleza; man was accused of raping Pernambuco artist

The body of Kaio Albert Soares Furtado, 34 years old, was found abandoned by the Ceará Military Police in a Fortaleza neighborhood; Ceará Forensic Medic Institute confirms death.

Former federal highway police officer Kaio Albert Soares was found dead on a street in the Cabemb district, in the city of Fortaleza. Kaio Albert was accused of having raped the Pernambuco artist Myssilaine Fernanda de Oliveira Pazos, known as the Havaiana Witch. Hours before the death, Kaio had recorded a video in which he claimed to be threatened and in a farewell tone. The crime, according to the Military Police of Ceará, took place on Tuesday, June 29th. Pefoce, equivalent to the Ceará IML, confirmed the death.

According to the Military Police of Ceará and technicians from the Ceará Scientific Police, the man’s body was found lifeless on a public road and with marks from firearms. In addition, witnesses say they saw Kaio being thrown out of a car and that two cars were seen at the scene.

In a story published by this portal earlier this week, Kaio was talking about the rape case he was accused of. The artist even opened a police report against man. Myssilaine Fernanda de Oliveira Pazos did not respond to the contact from the Por Dentro do RN team.

Kaio Albert encontrado morto em Fortaleza
Kaio Albert Soares was found in a neighborhood in Fortaleza

According to the young woman known as Havaiana Witch, the former PRF had sex with her without consent, while she was sleeping with him in an inn. “I was with him in the same room, in the same inn. We have little time together and he fucked me while I slept. We had already had sex in the night and he woke up and thought he had the right to have sex with me and I woke up in this situation”, says Mysssilaine.

Kaio Albert was dismissed from the Federal Highway Police due to abandonment of his position and for recurrent and unexcused absences

In a statement, the Federal Highway Police confirms that Kaio Albert was an agent of the PRF between 2010 and 2019. In a decision published in the Federal Official Gazette (DOU) at the time of the dismissal, the PRF says that the man was dismissed for violating articles 138 and 139 of Law 8112/90, which provides for the obligations of public servants.

The cited articles deal with “abandonment of office” and “habitual non-attendance”, the latter characterized by recurrent absences and without justification by the former server.

Kaio Albert reveals he thinks he’s gonna die; but ‘that’s ok’

Check out the note below:

“Kaio Albert Soares Furtado was a civil servant of the Federal Highway Police, admitted on 04/19/2010, having been dismissed on 07/04/2019, according to Ordinance No. 624, of July 2, 2019 of the Minister of State for Justice and Public Security, published in the Official Gazette of the Union, for violation of the provisions of articles 138 and 139, of Law 8,112/90 (due to abandonment of office and habitual non-attendance)”, says the note.

Mother says her son left home more than a month ago

According to the mother of the former Federal Agent, the son left home more than a month ago to live alone in an inn located on Praia de Iracema, one of the postcards of Fortaleza. On his social networks, in recent times, Kaio Albert called himself a “body/behavioral analyst”, and used to give tips about relationships and other topics on his Instagram pages.

In comments on the man’s social media, some people say that Kaio had “changed a lot lately” and was “different”, someone “totally different from the person” they had known before. One of the most recurrent comments on Kaio’s Instagram is his alleged involvement with drugs. The man even mentioned the crime of drug trafficking in the video where he talks about the rape.

On his INstagram, he says is “able to heal” people “raping them”

Ceará Public Security Secretariat issued a note on the accusation of rape against Kaio Albert Soares, formalized last Saturday, June 26
The Public Security and Women’s Defense agencies of the state of Ceará issued a statement and also said that investigations against Kaio Albert are still ongoing. The case was reported in Por Dentro do RN and can be followed here.

Check out the note sent by the Secretariat of Public Security and Social Defense of Ceará (SSPDS):

“Last Saturday (26th), the victim and the man were taken to the Casa da Mulher Brasileira, where the DDM unit operates, to testify. The investigated crime would have occurred on the 23rd of June. The man and woman were taken to undergo examinations at the Forensic Inspection of the State of Ceará (Pefoce), in different places within the headquarters of the agency”, he says in a statement.

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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